General Dentistry

Dr. Klele stresses that oral health is a key component and integral to overall physical health. In his practice, Dr. Klele provides several means to treat and prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Cleanings- Regular cleanings are necessary to maintaining oral health. In a cleaning, your teeth will be carefully examined and cleaned. Cleanings are essential to detecting any signs of tooth decay or other dental problems, allowing these issues to be treated and resolved more effectively and cost-efficiently.

Sealants- Sealant are plastic resins that bond to the surface of teeth and shield them from plaque. Sealants prevent tooth decay by preventing food and plaque from accumulating in the grooves on a tooth’s surface. Sealants are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take a proactive approach to preventing tooth decay

Oral Screenings- Oral screenings will detect any signs abnormal tissue or cancer in the mouth. Oral screenings can help to find cancer at an early stage, before any symptoms are experienced.

Periochip- Periochip is a simple treatment for periodontal disease, which is a common, progressive infection of the gums and tissues that support the teeth. Periochip is a small, controlled-release antiseptic that helps to eliminate microbes that reside between the teeth and in gum pockets. Periochip gradually reduces the inflammation in gums and the size of gum pockets for improved gum health.

Arestin®- Arestin® is an FDA approved treatment for adult periodontitis. Arestin is a product that contains tiny, bead-like particles filled with antibiotic. The antibiotic is released into infected gum pockets, where it eliminates the bacteria there for up to 21 days. The application of Arestin is quick and comfortable, and the results are effective in helping to control and reverse periodontal disease.