Patient Testimonials

“I needed full reconstructive rehabilitation, I had been neglecting my mouth and health for years and was told to see Dr. Klele due to his many years of experience in dental implants. I was hesitant to see the dentist at first due to the terrible experiences in the past with other dentist who have worked in my mouth.

“When I had my first appointment with Dr. Klele I felt at ease due to his friendly staff and approach where I had alternative treatment plans explained to me. I felt Dr. Klele was confident with the condition of my mouth and I was able to smile again.”

– Albert S.

“I had tetracycline stains which were impossible to remove via traditional whitening procedures. I was referred to Dr. Klele by my friends who had veneers completed and looked so natural – this is what I was looking for. In a matter of a short period of time I had my veneers completed by Dr. Klele and was amazed in how easy and comfortable my treatment was. I feel great and confident in my working environment. Thanks Dr. Klele.”

– Dr. Chris K.

We take pride on taking the most challenging cases to make you smile again!